About Us

We are a non-profitable organization, with a profitable purpose and our purpose is to spread smile, mitigate poverty and provide education to people who are in need.


Our vision is to clear the vision of people and build a transparent bridge between the people and those who are in need.


Our mission is to serve those who are in need with the best possible way; our core purpose is to motivate the younger generation to take part in such activities.

Our plans

We want to take FTP to the next level, for that we need to work a lot. Pakistan stands high at Philanthropy and being a Pakistani it is our duty to contribute for the welfare of the society.

Our first priority is to build a blood bank so that we can facilitate those who cannot afford it, in the best possible way.

We want to establish a Hospital with low affordable fees, and with quality doctors.

There are dozens of people who sleep at roads; we want to build a shelter home for them.

We want to build a skill development center, for those who want to work and earn on their own.