Education is everyone’s due right and thus an ultimate key to success! A good education is one of the things any individual can pursue. If anyone from the nation starts giving education to one individual of a person, he sure can serve one whole family. As PBUH said


Under this project, the group members of our team FTP provide free counseling to the children and youth of the slum areas where the elders of the family have put their children on work while being home themselves. These children are either not allowed to study at all and if some of them actually do, they cannot study further after matric. Due to this counseling program, people with such mindsets are now being improved and their children can now get their rights too.

We already have set up a school in an underprivileged area of Orangi Town where children can get high-quality education free of cost. In this school children are being provided with the contemporary educational techniques which can make them stand together with any other student. We are also sponsoring children of the underprivileged area, who drop their education for the sake of money. We are giving them monthly 12000 PKR per year to complete their education and serve their family rather than begging.