With your continuous help, FTP will give clean drinking water to the dry season hit towns of Tharparkar in Pakistan. Tharparkar is renowned in Pakistan for the dry spell atmosphere as there are no downpours throughout the long term and lack of water is the fundamental concern. In the wake of this, we have left after diving wells in various towns of Tharparkar which on finishing won’t just give clean drinking water to all people living there yet in addition to creatures and birds.

Water Project

Small Hand Pump Cost: 198$
Community Hand Pump Cost: 600$
Solar Pump Cost: 1,250$


Tharparkar is a persistently helpless region with an expected populace of 1.65 million. Water deficiency is a significant issue of the region. In Tharparkar, burrowed wells have been discovered to be the solitary practical wellspring of groundwater. During an ordinary day, residents spend around four to six hours on normal to get four to five pots (50 to 60 litres) of water from burrowed wells, arranged all over.


Leaving upon this rising need of Drinking water, FTP has took the step of providing clean water to the people of Tharparkar. The public activity of locals is additionally limited because of absence of sufficient water. This particularly influences ladies, who are answerable for conveying water. Little youngsters regularly need to do without instruction because of obligation of getting water

Long haul Impact

This task will go far in improving the financial states of individuals of tharparkar as a rule and ladies and kids specifically, due to shortage of water and non-presence of water assets in their own towns, the ladies and youngsters need to head out significant distances day by day to bring water from remote. The water wells burrowed will give 12000 people of 40 towns, sufficient drinking just as usable water at their doorstep which will likewise improve their wellbeing.