Asan Rizq

Earlier the team of FTP used to collect the leftover food from weddings or other events, this leftover food was then packed and sent to the underprivileged areas where people cannot afford meal twice a day. We also used to provide a weekly meal (Biryani) mainly to people who work on daily wages and cannot afford to buy food while working out in the scorching heat.

Then FTP finally decided that we should not only provide them food on a weekly basis but on a daily basis for which we have arranged a setup of simple meal of Daal Chawal for *Pkr 10/-* each plate so that everyone can buy their meal on their own with self respect. Although our organization does not earn much in this setup as we have set the plate cost so cheap that no one would feel ashamed while eating . *This total setup costs around Pkr 5000/- per day and approximately serves 100 persons daily*