Orphans are those guiltless spirits who endure the most on the earth because of inaccessibility of legitimate parental help. Being the most enduring portion of the general public they need plenitude of help to have their lives reestablished to typical. Individuals approaching to assist these vagrants with diminishing the force of their risk and get the best award in henceforth. As per the United Nations, there are more than 4.6 million vagrant kids in Pakistan and most of this populace is underneath the age of 17. This huge part of the populace is experiencing social degeneracy that should be tended to on a critical premise.

With just 110 USD per month (1,320 USD yearly), you can sponsor an orphan to transform the child’s life for good. FTP is here to facilitate you in this outstanding journey. Keeping in view the circumstances of orphans in Pakistan, FTP has been working for the cause of Orphans through its “Orphan Care Program”. FTP’s orphanage focuses on the education and social uplifting of the orphans by giving them both academic and Islamic education. FTP has made a belief of making these children no less than anyone in the society by ensuring to give them a monthly medical check-up. No basic necessity will be missing whether it is healthy food, clothes, a secure environment, or a little playtime to enjoy their life at the most.